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Saturday, Oct. 26, 2002 (Updated at 01:28)
Rest of Tonight's Forecast: Partly cloudy.

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Latest New Mexico News
N.M. Senators Lament Loss of Wellstone

Henning Convicted

Frost Lapse Extends Growing Season

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North Header
Russian Forces Storm Moscow Theater

Team Seeks Clues to Wellstone Crash

Sniper Suspects Charged With Murder

Bush, Jiang Oppose Nukes in Koreas

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10.26.2002 - Albuquerque Museum Family Art Workshops
10.26.2002 - Civil War Living History at The Albuquerque Museum
10.26.2002 - Halloween Balkan Bash
10.26.2002 - Hoover Holiday Bazaar
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North Header
•  Therapist Guilty of Sex With Boys' School Inmates

•  Los Alamos Magistrate Race Heats Up

•  Jail Wants Bernalillo Inmates Out

West Side
•  Landowners Sue for Alleged Lost Contract

•  Police-Car Burglary Ring Busted

•  Participants Set Fears Afire at Festival Otoño

• Mock Nuke Helps Airmen Practice

• Albuquerque 'Geek' Helps Fight Quick Internet War

• Federal Funding Doubles Sandia Tech-Transfer Firm's Size

• Sandia, Cray Collaborate on Computer

• Salt-Cedar Eradication Under Way

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Guilty Verdict
Defense attorney Gary Mitchell, left, hangs his head as a guilty verdict comes down from the jury in the murder trial of his client, Linda Henning, right, on Friday in Judge W. John Brennan's Albuquerque courtroom. (Kitty Clark Fritz/Journal) Full Story
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  • Past weeks' photos

  • Metro News

    Henning Convicted Full Story (October 26)

  • Wife-Killer Defends Lover (October 16, 2002)
  • 2 Charged in Hossencofft Case (November 19, 1999)
  • Search for Woman's Body Renewed (June 15, 2000)

    Frost Lapse Extends City's Growing Season Full Story (October 26)

    N.M. and the West

    Domenici, Bingaman Lament Loss of Wellstone Full Story (October 26)

  • Sen. Wellstone Dies in Plane Crash Full Story (October 25)

    Police Taxi a Bomb-Call Suspect to Cruces Jail Full Story (October 26)

    Teach-In Questions War Moves Full Story (October 26)

    Illegal IDs Close Artesia MVD Full Story (October 26)

    Ribbon Campaign Honors Slain Drug Agent Full Story (October 26)

    Public Can Comment on Trail that Linked N.M., Mexico Full Story (October 26)

    Educator Nurtures Students' Dreams Full Story (October 26)

    Northern N.M.

    Chief: Police Faced a Mob After '99 Zozobra Burning Full Story (October 26)

  • Potter House Member's Vietnam Experience Claims Disputed Full Story (October 25)
  • Jury Hears Varying Accounts of Spraying Full Story (October 24)

    Therapist Guilty of Sex With Boys' School Inmates Full Story (October 26)

    Coalition Sees Taos' Past in Ranch's Future Full Story (October 26)

    Jail Wants Bernalillo Inmates Out Full Story (October 26)

    West Side News

    4 Arrested in Police Car Break-Ins Full Story (October 26)

    Participants Set Fears Afire at Festival Otoño Full Story (October 26)

    Landowners Sue for Alleged Lost Contract Full Story (October 26)

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  • Politics

    Candidates Propose Differing Drug Plans Full Story (October 26)

    State Parties Have Spent Millions on Campaign Ads Full Story (October 26)

    Los Alamos Magistrate Race Heats Up Full Story (October 26)

    Sandoval Sheriff's Candidates Have Plans Full Story (October 26)

    Sandoval Magistrate Candidates Clarify Stances Full Story (October 26)


    4,655 Home Permits in Metro Area This Year Full Story (October 26)

    Training Drafted for Eclipse Jet Full Story (October 26)

    Science & Technology

    Mock Nuke Helps Airmen Practice Full Story (October 25)


    Scorpions Remain Perfect Full Story (October 26)

    Here are the Actual Most-Memorable Moments in BaseballFull Story (October 26)

    Lobos Trying To Regroup Full Story (October 26)

  • UNM vs. Utah Football Preview Full Story (October 26)

    NMSU Hopes To Unseat Indians on the Road Full Story (October 26)

    Flaw & Order

    Real Crime Not Nearly as Sexy as TV Crime Full Story (October 26)

    At Home

    Family Joins Growing Craze for Halloween Decorating Full Story (October 26)

    Home Furnishings Sale a Fund-Raiser for Symphony Guild Full Story (October 26)

    Potentially Destructive Moths Feed on Flower Nectar Full Story (October 26)

    Plant Your Own Foliage; Use Manure Full Story (October 26, Digging In)

    Venue: Arts & Entertainment

    Dylan Still Afire With Hot Creativity Full Story (October 26, Concert Review)

    Scary Doings on Tap This Weekend, Next Full Story (October 25)

    Day of the Dead Becomes Community Affair in Santa Fe Full Story (October 25)

    Doug Martsch's Acoustic Blues at Launchpad Full Story (October 25)

    Veteran Banjo Player at Outpost Friday Full Story (October 25)

    One-Time Woody Herman Drummer, Jazz Orchestra at KiMo Saturday Full Story (October 25)

    Wayne Shorter Brings Jazz Sax, Quartet to Popejoy Sunday Full Story (October 25)

    Moody Blues at Santa Ana Tuesday Full Story (October 25)

    It's Probably Impossible To Make a Bad Landscape Painting Full Story (October 25, About Art column)

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