12/22/05 New Photos of Girly Chew
09/24/05 Miller Files Lawsuit
01/09/05 P. Dietz-Yates, plus G. Mitchell
5/29/04 Judge Brennan Arrested
7/03-4/04 American Justice, Dateline, CtTV
10/02/03 Miller Sentenced
9/11/03 History Channel's Dead Reckoning
7/16/03 Miller plea bargain
7/14/03 Miller jury selection underway
4/23/03 Henning sentence: 73 years
3/8/03 Recommended Reading
2/10/03 Investigator knows burial site?
12/21/02 A Time to Pause
12/11/02 Demetri's Story
12/09/02 Welcome Court TV Viewers
12/05/02 Court TV to air LH trial Dec. 9-13
11/01/02 Judge Delays LH Sentencing
10/31/02 Jury Foreman Sheds Light
10/29/02 Jury Rejects Death Penalty
10/29/02 Stephen Zachary Letter
10/28/02 Chew Family: Sentence LH to Death
10/28/02 "Dr." Hossencofft's business card
10/27/02 Reaction from Malaysia
10/26/02: "Guilty"
10/24/02 LH trial on Court TV
10/20/02 Why a website?
10/19/02 LH's fate now with jury
10/17/02 The Defense Rests
10/15/02 Hossencofft Testifies
10/13/02 Andrew Chew Arrives
10/11/02 M.A. Thomas, aliens
10/10/02 Defense challenges evid.
10/07/02 DH likely to testify...
10/05/02 LH: Ninja Sword
10/04/02 LH Trial: Julie McGuire
Hossencofft Home
10/3/02 Girly's Clothing: First Look
10/2/02 LH Opening Arguments
9/27/02 LH Jury Selected
9/24/02 LH Jury Selection Underway
9/23/02 LH Trial begins...
3/6/02 DH: "Miller did it."
1/23/02 DH to Los Lunas
1/19/02 DH Reveals Info
1/18/02 DH Meets w/Police
1/17/02 Judge: No Proper Statement
1/16/02 Talk or Stay Put
1/15/02 DH Refuses to Talk
January 9, 02 Guilty Plea
12/27/01 "New Look" Website
Laptop Computer Pictures
8/27/01 No Happy Birthday
8/13/01 Chews want Dth. Pen.
July 17, 2001 Indictments
March 4, 2001 Search
Investigation Intensifies
Bill Miller Arrested
BM Search Warrant Return
Famous Expert Witness
Girly's Parents
Dec. 14, 00 Miller Search
DH wants to go pro se
10/02/00 Bones not Human
10/02/00 Son as Benefactor
10/01/00 Bones Found
9/2/00 Kisses, Swords, Child Suppt
7/17/00 Miller, Henning,Hossencofft
7/7/00 Search Article
7/7/00 Search Photos
7/5/00 DH: She was seen Alive
7/3/00 Where is the Tape?
6/30/00 Cells, Lockers Searched
6/30/00 Splitting Hairs
6/26/00 June Weekend Search
6/26/00 50 Search Photos
6/18/00 Headlines from Malaysia
6/18/00 New Exclusive Details
1/14/00 Not Guilty Plea
11/19/99 Suspects Indicted
11/14/99 DH Letter to Roommate
1992 Name Change Document
11/13/99 more A. Chew Arrives
11/12/99 A. Chew Arrives
11/12/99 Former Roommate Speaks
11/3/99 Henning Arraigned
11/1/99 Henning Arrested
10/30/99 On child's adoption
In Girly's Own Words...
10/26/99 Domestic Violence Case
Embudo Canyon pic./map
Henning Home Search
Felissa Garcia Kelley
Embudo Canyon Search
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Karen Villanueva

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EXCLUSIVE: The Hossencofft video you've never seen...

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Diazien Hossencofft during 1994 Caribbean Cruise

(April 13, 2008) The back story: Prior to this Caribbean cruise, Diazien Hossencofft went on an Alaskan cruise. During the Alaskan cruise, he met two women (sisters).

A few years ago, I corresponded with one of those women. She told me Hossencofft was traveling with a much older woman in Alaska. I believe Hossencofft's traveling companion was the woman identified as "Sunny Blake" in my book, September Sacrifice.

Blake was very much Hossencofft's meal ticket, providing him with about $25,000 a month for "medical treatment" for the breast cancer that would ultimately claim her life.

While on the cruise in Alaska, "Dr. Hossencofft" learned that the two sisters would later be on a Caribbean cruise. Hossencofft made a point of making sure he'd be on that cruise, too.

And he was. You see some of it here.

This video was given to me by the woman I corresponded with a few years ago (one of the sisters on both cruises). I was also provided with a diary of sorts of concerning time spent on this cruise.

What you'll see here are a few scenes from the video. I've edited the video so that you cannot identify the sister who appears on camera. I've also bleeped-out a couple of moments when a woman's name is heard on the original footage.

Oh, and it's worth mentioning. Hossencofft was married to Girly Chew Hossencofft at the time of both cruises. While I cannot say it with certainty, it is quite likely that Diazien Hossencofft had told his wife that he had to leave town to go save a life with his cutting-edge science/medical abilities. Or maybe told Girly he had to give a lecture to some group of doctors out of state. Something along those lines...


 Video clips of Mark Horner TV appearances concerning Hossencofft case



 Eye on New Mexico (KOB)

 American Justice

 The Investigators
(Court TV)


 Catherine Crier Live (Court TV)

 Snapped to feature Linda Henning

 *UPDATED* April 5, 2008


Convicted murderer Linda Henning is the focus of an upcoming episode of the Oxygen Network's program "Snapped."

"Snapped" producer Elizabeth Gibson tells me that the Henning episode is now scheduled to air April 13, 2008. The episode previously had been scheduled to air April 6, 2008.

Among the people interviewed for Snapped's Henning episode:

  • Steve Zachary, Henning's former boyriend and longtime friend
  • Felissa Garcia Kelley, Diazien Hossencofft's divorce attorney. She's also reportedly writing a trilogy about the case
  • "Pamela Hutton" (an alias used in September Sacrifice), member of two doll clubs also attended by Henning
  • Dave Pfeffer, private investigator hired by Henning's attorney
  • Mark Horner, author of September Sacrifice
  • Joline Gutierrez Krueger, reporter for Albuquerque Tribune


Court upholds woman's conviction for murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft

April 29, 2006

SANTA FE (AP) - The state Supreme Court has upheld the murder and kidnapping convictions of a woman for killing her ex-boyfriend's wife, whose body has never been found.

Linda Henning was sentenced to life in

prison for murdering Girly Chew Hossencofft, who disappeared in September 1999.

The Supreme Court, in an unanimous ruling issued Tuesday, overturned Henning's convictions on four counts of perjury but affirmed all other convictions, including felony murder, kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap and tampering with evidence.

A jury convicted Henning in 2003, but spared her the death penalty. She was sentenced to life plus 43 1/2 years in prison.

Girly's husband, Diazien Hossencofft, was sentenced to a life prison term for her murder. He pleaded guilty in January 2002.

The Malaysian-born victim was reported missing by co-workers at an Albuquerque bank where she had worked as a teller. She had told co-workers that she was involved in a bitter separation from her husband and that if she did not show up for work, they should expect the worst.


Mark Horner discusses September Sacrifice in the following podcasts:


 Praise for September Sacrifice

"Horner, an Albuquerque television journalist, followed the case for almost
five years. He brings it to life with painstaking organization, chronicling the story with impeccable research and following
important characters and background.
It is a riveting read."

-New Mexico Magazine

"If there is a better story in the annals of true crime, I haven't seen it yet. Deftly told
by journalist Mark Horner, September Sacrifice is a stunning account of an
over-the-top sociopath that makes Bundy look like a Boy Scout and a charm
school dropout. An addictive and heart
pounding read."

Gregg Olsen
New York Times Bestselling Author of If Loving You is Wrong

"Mark Horner tells this incredible story of the life and death of Girly Chew Hossencofft
with the vivaciousness of a seasoned pro . . .
laying out detail after detail with fine
journalistic skill. September Sacrifice is one of the better true crime books to come out
this year--a true page-turner that has my literary (and criminal!) seal of approval. I promise you this true crime fans: you will not
forget Diazien Hossencofft, one of the most evil, vile, yet memorable, monsters to stomp his way through true crime pages in a long while."

-Investigative Journalist M. William Phelps, author of Perfect Poison and Lethal

"Horner skillfully compiles facts and recites dialogue from thousands of
pages of police supplemental files, court transcripts, and personal interviews."

-Weekly Alibi (Albuquerque)

"Mark Horner's September Sacrifice is masterful."

"Connoisseurs of true crime and students of narcissism will not be disappointed in
September Sacrifice. It is more fascinating than any three expensive Reganbook hardbacks combined, and for a fraction of the price. Horner distills the intricate details of the years-long investigation of Girly’s murder, the result of dedicated law enforcement, a philosophical district attorney, and complex forensic science, and exposes the myriad layers of Chavez’s convoluted parallel life of deception and debauchery."



50 Search Photos (June 24 & 25, 2000, near Magdalena)

July 7, 2000 Search Photos (Abandoned house near Magdalena)





 Diazien Hossencofft

 Linda Henning

 William "Bill" Miller

It became apparent to me a couple of years ago that Diazien Hossencofft continues to correspond with women post-conviction. Click on this link for an example.

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